TMZ Wanabee David Berger Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney runs for Judge

TMZ-like blogger and Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County David Berger has announced he will run for judge.  But is he qualified?  Not even close!

Deputy District Attorney David Berger has spent the last 3-5 years blogging during county time, on the tax payers dime, trashing his colleagues and lying on-line at the expense of the tax payers, rather than protecting the public.

Wanabbe – As defined by the dictionary (Wikipedia) – A Wannabe or Wanna Be is a pejorative for a person who wishes to be or do something, but lacks the qualifications or talent.

Proposition 190 (amending Cal. Const., art. VI, § 18(m), effective March 1, 1995) created a new constitutional provision that states, “The Supreme Court shall make rules for the conduct of judges, both on and off the bench, and for judicial candidates in the conduct of their campaigns. These rules shall be referred to as the Code of Judicial Ethics.”

We will track his campaign, display his donors and contributors for the world to see, and expose the truth about the blogger (AKA lawyer  wannabe judge).

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